Trayr Sains, Overlord of Punjar

Master of Heaven and Earth, Dragon of the Lurian Sea, Overlord and Protector of Punjar


Sains fought his way out of the slums of the Old City, and rules Punjar with a balance of masterful diplomacy and iron-fisted cruelty. He rightly assumes that all of his underlings seek to unseat him, and plays his rivals against one another in an endless series of internecine plots, assuring that no would-be usurper can become too powerful. Like a sinister puppet master, or archduke ruling from the pits of Hell, Sains accomplishes his aims through intricate schemes woven within schemes.

Though a masterful strategist, Sains has no clear heirs, and presently there is nothing that would prevent Punjar’s decent into absolute anarchy upon the Overlord’s death. Many believe that Sains’ lack of a successor is just another plot, a clever ploy that makes him indispensable to the people of Punjar.


Trayr Sains, Overlord of Punjar

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