Rek Zor, High Priest of Tempus

More warrior than priest, few know his past but none doubt his ferocity.


A tall, strong man, nearly always clad in armor, unless training in little more than a breechcloth, Rek Zor favors the longsword, bastard sword, and greataxe over other weapons, but seems proficient with all. He has not been blessed with great miracles of Tempus, but is a reasonably skilled ritualist, a nearly peerless warrior, and a captain of men able to rally those facing certain death and lead them screaming into the maw of Hell.


Rek Zor emerged from the wilderness to take over the small shrine of Tempus 20 years ago after the last priest was openly slaughtered on the streets by a gang of a dozen Talos worshipers. After arriving with his companion Thorgrim Stormmaul, Rek Zor rallied the few remaining faithful and marched through the streets towards the Spire of Talos, where he named those who had killed the last priest as cowards and “sons of milk”, offering to fight any three of them at once in single combat.

When the dozen came out together, Rek Zor offered to fight all of them at once, with only Thorgrim by his side, or with any three other worshipers of Tempus. Laughing, the Talos thugs indicated Thorgrim, saying, “We’ll slay the others as soon as we open your throats.” Then they charged.

All who witnessed that fight, or heard the stories from eyewitnesses, are careful to nod in respect to Rek Zor and Thorgrim whenever they meet. For his part, the High Priest seems an affable and decent sort, though hard as iron when it comes to The Discipline of Steel, as the rule of Tempus is called.

Rek Zor, High Priest of Tempus

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