Punjar: Den of Iniquity

What Is It About Punjar's Sewers?

I don’t know how I keep ending up in the sewers of Punjar. I really don’t. I’m not made for it. I’m not a dwarf or some kind of aquatic thing. Sure I can see in the dark but who would want to see what’s down there? So why do I keep ending up there? It must be the spirit of this city. 

We continued our fight with the gelatinous cube interloper, the shadar kai witch and her minions. I got sucked into the cube. While Crixus can stand such a place, I can’t! Fortunately I’m squirmy and got free. Meanwhile Goodman and Mako kept up the pressure on the shadar kai, who were joined by a crazy old man. The witch fell to Goodman’s attacks, but the crazy old man breathed on all of us, and we started to fall asleep. We shook that off when I shot him in the chest with an arrow, and eventually we saw that he was an oni, one of the legendary magical ogres, who must be an ally of the shadar kai. He tried to escape by turning into a cloud and passing through a grating further into the sewers, but we finished him off before he could leave. Fortunately we could rest. 

Crixus and I, “guided” by Mako’s shouting exhortations, managed to pry open the sewer grating while Goodman changed his wardrobe. I clambered down the pipe and did some listening and watching from the shadows before the rest made their way down. It is clear there’s something big in the pool in the middle of the room, and I can hear talking from further down the pipe to the south…. 



Nice job, as always Jay!

What Is It About Punjar's Sewers?
ddivine4 crimfan07

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