Vultan, Captain of the Dragonne

A man whose voice is as large as his body. Loves the finer things of life, good friends more, and a good fight best of all.


Like most senior Dragonne soldiers, Vultan is a veteran of several campaigns: mostly punitive expeditions against humanoid bands, but also suppression of slave revolts and brutal actions taken against rioters in the city some time ago.

His full talents are unknown, but he’s sparred with Crixus and seems to be near, or at, the same level as a warrior.

Like other Dragonne nobles, he has an exquisite masterwork set of golden plate and scale armor, enchanted so that it’s golden shell is tougher than steel. As this is also his formal uniform, he wears it to most social occasions, though seldom wears the dragon-helm outside of actual combat.


Vultan is a captain of the Dragonne, the former slave soldiers of the city. He manages a large estate outside the walls, which grows a good deal of food, as well as the luxuries of coffee and tobacco which make Punjar so rich.

A slaveowner and slave dealer, like all the Dragonne, Vultan tends to treat his personal slaves well, and even his field hands have plenty to eat and time for festivals. It’s darkly rumored that he used to be much more involved in the slave trade in the past, but this may be mere rumor to harm his standing with the more delicate nobles of the city.

Vultan, Captain of the Dragonne

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