Lord Malhaven

Quick of wit, quick to take advantage, and quick to take offense, Lord Malhaven seems fair but, somehow, feels foul to those who deal with him.


As a Punjari noble, Lord Malhaven relies upon others to fight for him. It is not known whether he has any particular fighting ability, but he has survived decades of noble infighting in Punjar, so he should not be underestimated.


The Malhavens are a wealthy and powerful noble family, whose fortunes are made largely through trade and the incredibly successful self-promotion of its current patriarch. Lord Malhaven is legendary for finding advantage where others have missed it, and, it is rumored, is not above acting as a procurer for his own daughters and sons when that is required.

But one thing all can agree upon, any deal made with Lord Malhaven is almost certain to be quite profitable, and even more certain to profit him more than you.

Lord Malhaven

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