Lord Balin Toldara

It was said that the Kassanti could drown and return. Lord Balin looked like such a man: one who had stared into an abyss so long that he had grown used to it.


Current Iron Lord of the Kassanti raiders, Balin Toldara is a grim veteran of many campaigns and raids. A fierce warrior and shrewd strategist, he has long held the Kassanti to their Iron Path in the face of both the terrible might of Rome and the shifting tides and winds of the scattered kingdoms and islands that regularly feel the blades of the Ironborn.

A scarred man with piercing eyes and a way of measuring each one who comes before him, Balin is at the same time a loyal friend to those who show loyalty to his house before their own lives. If he has any weakness it is the way in which he dotes upon his daughter Ardwen.


Lord Balin Toldara

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