Ardwen Toldara

Quick with insult, blade, and caress, Ardwen is a Kassanti to the core. Not, perhaps, classically beautiful, her allure is like that of a stormy sea: seductive in its sheer danger.


Ardwen captains her own Kassanti warship, The Raping Mare, and is a skilled leader and warrior, respected by the crew of cutthroats and reavers she leads. While she often appears impulsive and reckless, a string of dead victims and rivals reveals the folly of underestimating her.

Ardwen laid claim to the beautiful scimitar of Beluth Rothamari after her rescue and now wears it as her own. She is otherwise clad in leathers and wears little ornamentation, save only for a seashell token of the Drowned God.


Ardwen has a complicated relationship with her father, Lord Toldara, whose approval and admiration she clearly prizes even as she asserts her independence at every opportunity. He, on the other hand seems both proud of his daughter and frustrated by her seeming recklessness. Still, she is the clear heir apparent to the family, acts as such, and expects all to acknowledge her proven skill and status.

Ardwen has an annoying, but effective, habit of simply ignoring the opinions or plans of others when they don’t fit her own purposes. Instead, she simply charges ahead as if all were in agreement with her and fully expects others to fall into line behind her. This leadership style, combined by with clear success, seems to have won her a devoted following among the contentious Ironborn of the Kassanti Isles.

Ardwen Toldara

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