Punjar: Den of Iniquity

The Black Ship continued

We continued to fight to take the Black Ship. The Templars of Chains were incredibly tough. They attacked us. Crixus held one back and I kept one at bay with a Vistani Curse. Ardwen and Goodman finished off the remaining sailors on the foc’sle and Squidlarkin dominated the ship’s mate, who ran to climb the rigging. I used the Void Card on two who jumped from the rigging to attack, after their cohorts shot at me with crossbows in the crow’s nest. Fortunately for me, I was able to tap the energy of the sailors because one of the Templars pressed me back against the rail, while Crixus struggled to hold the other back.

Eventually Goodman joined the fight with the Templar attacking me and struck him. The fighting song I sung distracted the Templar long enough for Squidlarkin to make his move and attach. While I fear that I will never be happy to see Squidlarkin… in this case I was. The Templar did not manage to get free from Squidlarkin’s grasp and eventually had his brain sucked out. Unfortunately(?) this also rendered Squidlarkin unconscious.

Various priests of the Chained One arrived from below to attack. One flogged Ardwen with a scourge. I retreated to help the Drowned Man, who had been beset by many more sailors; the Void Card fell to the deck with a thud as I lost control of it. I used a Tempest Whetstone to kill groups of them. Oddly enough, the previously dominated ship’s mate attempted to leap upon me to take revenge for his sailors but he missed and fell flat on the deck, to his demise. Goodman joined Ardwen, fighting the priest, eventually dispatching him. Then he teleported again to join Crixus, who was fighting with the remaining Templar and the Jailer Captain.

To be continued…



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