Punjar: Den of Iniquity

The Black Ship

Ardwen came to us with a plan to attack the Black Ship, which had slavers and priests of a dark god that supported the Slavers’ Guild. They could sense my shadow when I sent it to scout. Mako was nowhere to be found, so we went with Ardwen and the Drowned Man, who provided an elixir that allowed us to breathe water… errr, it allowed us not to die when under the water. It was thoroughly unpleasant, though.

We planned some but ultimately we just lashed ourselves to the bottom of the ship, like large barnacles. Goodman was beat up by journey. Once it became apparent that the storm was upon us, I sent my Shadow up to scout the fo’csle. Quite by happenstance, I saw that the Storm Priest was there, arms stretched out in the sea spray.

Crixus and I climbed up, and started the fight. He attacked the Storm Priest and I followed, using my bow. The Storm Priest was difficult to hit, but when Crixus missed, I managed to shoot him with an arrow that knocked him off balance. We soon had him dispatched, while Goodman and Ardwen scaled the vessel to join the fray, and the Drowned Man fetched the Storm Priest’s corpse.

Meanwhile, we fought with several sailors. Goodman (and menagerie) and Ardwen started fighting some sailors, Crixus pursued one of the ship’s mates, while I played the Void card on another, who was slain by it. I’m not sure… that’s very dangerous. Coming up on the deck, however, were two large, armored figures in the regalia of champions of the dark god, Torog.

To be continued….



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