Punjar: Den of Iniquity

Shadow Assassins Attack Lord Toldara

As we walked to Lord Toldara’s ship, a group of assassins attacked us. Their clear target was Lord Toldara. I managed to see them, although they still attacked. I showed the miscreants their fate and they recoiled from it, although I did not fully perceive that Lord Toldara was their main target. Eventually the others—-Ardwen, Crixus, Mako, and Goodman—-recovered from their surprise and we finished the rest off, although one was left alive. 

Once we could examine the battlefield some interesting facts emerged. These fellows were shadar kai, although some were clearly local Punjari refuse who altered themselves to appear as shadar kai. I suspect some were former inhabitants of Smoke, and would not be surprised if this new guild has taken up residence in that benighted district, or in one of the defunct snake god towers… just another snake cult, indeed. They bore markings not of the Raven Queen but of Zehir, the poisoner god of serpents. We captured one and Lord Toldara’s Drowned Man put him to the question, but he did not survive to tells us much of use. Clearly something is afoot, and a new Guild of assassins has emerged in Punjar. 



ddivine4 crimfan07

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