Punjar: Den of Iniquity


We traveled to the Pyramid of Zehir using Goodman’s conjured bird steeds, which could travel over the wretched jungle terrain. It was very, very old, dating to the time before the founding of the city. The folk who built it fought with the founders of Punjar and lost. But the jungle they dwelled in remains, with the ruins. 

We examined it and discovered a number of patrols. Rather than ambushing them, we decided to enter the pyramid. Inside we encountered some yuan ti, who were tough fighters. They had two archer yuan ti with them who were armed with poison arrows that also bore divine radiance. Most unusual. Crixus was beat up fairly badly by them, as is his wont. But we gave better than we got and they fell, though one of the archers escaped. 

In the next chamber there was an archer and a dragonborn gladiator who knew Crixus. Also there was an altar of Zehir and font of radiant fire. Goodman summoned a succubus servant during the fight. The altar dominated many of the party, particularly Goodman and Crixus, although control bounced back and forth between the altar and Goodman’s succubus. Despite the pleas of the succubus, we chose to free the souls bound there after destroying the physical wall with Mako’s lightning.

Eventually we ascended to the top level of the pyramid, where we found a gatetway to an astral realm. Inside was a couatl, a feathered astral serpent, which styled itself the Glorious Vengeance of Dawn. Such creatures are legendary servants of the the gods and usually believed to be servants of Good, but this one appeared to have become a rogue of some sort in its search for power. It had been trapping individuals in the realm for its own purposes. It had several dragonborn servants, many of them rogue gladiators known to Crixus. It was a hard fought battle all the way. The couatl attempted to revive its downed servants during the fight but we put them down again, and eventually destroyed it. I used the Death card on it and discovered another card from the Deck, the Void. 

We looted the place, quite lucratively, and freed the several individuals trapped in the couatl’s astral realm. Among them were several bandits from the local area, a group of individuals from a city known as Sigil, and the mysterious Scarlet Wizard. He and I traveled back to Punjar, where I took him to visit the Devil’s Thumb. Goodman returned to his ranch, Crixus to the estate of the Dragonne Captain Vultan, and Mako to his temple….



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