Punjar: Den of Iniquity

Crixus' Letter

The message sent to To Sparticus, Onemeus (Sorno), Gannicus (Jarg), Agron, and Lugo. Some insight into Crixus and his plans.

Addressed to each in kind.

When we last spoke you had

(For Jarg and Sorno) – just been given your freedom. Since that time as you may or may not have heard, Sparticus, Agron, and I led a revolt or escape attempt in which we were successful and left Carthage. I split from them to rescue Naevia from the mines, where she had been sent by Batiatus.

(For the rest) – decided to continue your raids on the roman forces while I went to rescue Naevia from the mines, where she had been sent by Batiatus.

She was lost to me during the escape.

I have now settled in the city of Pungar – The Tarnished Jewel, approximately 500 miles to the southwest (edit distance and direction as you see fit.) I have settled here and have established some significant financial resources. Enough to put you and any allies up for some time. I invite you to join me here as brothers.

For any who wish to continue to fight against the Romans, I am with you. My plan is to marshal our resources so our scattered fingers can come together and tighten into a fist is which to strike at the heart of Rome. I will be opening a Ludus. One in which men are free to chose to become a part of. I will train them. This Ludus will serve two primary purposes; both so the men can earn glory, wealth, and fame in the arena, but to train and develop more fighting men who if interest is of like mind as us, can join our cause.

This Ludus will be comprised of both free men, and likely slaves, as sadly yes slavery is alive here as well. But any slave who is here will be here by choice. In other words I do not plan to go to market and buy men for the Ludus as Batiatus would, but I will make it known to slave owners and their slaves that if they have ones who would want the opportunity, they will be able to earn their freedom though the glory of combat. I will not take anyone who does not wish to pursue glory, greatness and freedom. Lastly all men, free or slave will be treated as men and given the honor they earn, but not less than even the lowest free man deserves.

I want you and your men, if any to join me. If you wish to strike out against Rome then I will join you. If you will to earn wealth and fame in the arena, I will help you. If you wish to have a place to rest you head and have a meal without fear of persecution, I provide for you. Lastly, if you wish to help create a ludus of honor, and to train men with the same skill and honor as those who trained us I would be indebted to you.

While I believe I can and will accomplish this on my own. Nothing would make me happier than to have my brother by my side helping to make this ludus everything house Batiatus could have been had we been as free men. Even if all you wish to do is stay there. I would welcome my brothers company and be glad that I had friends living under my roof.

AT this point I am in the process of obtaining land and breaking ground. But I need to have an idea of how big of a roof I will need. Please think on this and respond within 12 hours so I can plan for your arrival. Please let me know about how many are with you and about how soon you would be here.

Once you get here we can discuss what you desire of this opportunity if anything. If you only desire to live out our life in peace then we can do that too. While the ludas will not be a hotel, you can pitch in to help in any way you wish for the good of the ludus, until you wish to move on.

I look forward to seeing you. I look forward to looking you in the eye and clasp your hand. I look forward to what we may accomplish.

- Crixus, The Beast of Carthage, The Undefeated Gaul!


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